Cashcrate Review

CashCrate Review

Is CashCrate Legit?
The answer is simple : YES. Just google “CashCrate checks” or “CashCrate payment” and you will have your answer.  CashCrate relates on it’s member to make their own money, so there is no point for them to scam you, and if you are not making money they aren’t either. You can check this detailed cashcrate review to learn more.

How to Join Cashcrate?

Click here to join Cashcrate and Earn $1 as sign up Bonus. Once you join, contact me using below form and I’ll share my tips to maximize your earnings and get referrals.

Is CashCrate Trustworthy?
CashCrate will never sell your personal information to any third parties.

Is CashCrate Reliable?
Yes, you can rely on CashCrate’s members and moderators if you have any questions, it’s a very friendly and active community.

How do you get referrals on CashCrate?
Please see the How to get CashCrate referrals section of my website in the cashcrate review section.

How do I get paid by CashCrate?
When you sign up for CashCrate, you will only be eligible to receive checks because of your bronze status. (See all Levels here)  Checks are sent every 15th of the month, when you have reached the minimum set balance of 20$.

Why would they give money away to me?
Let us be very clear on this point.  You are not being donated money, you are receiving money you actually work for.  There is a distinction to be made here, it’s not money falling down of the sky, CashCrate is your employer, and he lets you work from home, in a stress free environment, and he pays you to do the work that’s needed to be completed.

How much can I earn CashCrate?
The direct answer is : It depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put in this.  A lot of internet entrepreneurs, school students, stay at home mom and others are having a successful relation with CashCrate, earning money online.  Set your goals low when you start, and adjust them when you start growing more and more as an internet entrepreneur, because ultimately, that’s how you end up making money that cannot even spoken about here, only in the How to get CashCrate referrals section.  If you follow our guideline as a newbie, you can easily set your goals to 10$ – 15$ per hour.  If you are in need of more than that, you will want to start referring people yourself to CashCrate.

CashCrate Review, and Tips and Tricks
On this page, you will find very valuable information and tips to help you maximize your earnings on CashCrate, while making your life easier and leaving you with more time to spend doing what you love.

Watch this video on YouTube for my detailed cashcrate review and learn more.

To apply these tips, you must have a CashCrate account in correct standings in order to execute these tips.  If you haven’t already registered with CashCrate, please do so now before continuing to read.

CashCrate Tip #1 – Email Address
It is necessary to create a secondary email address to use only with CashCrate. Why? Because when you sign with CashCrate, you deliberately accept to receive tons of spam email in your inbox, and you don’t want that in your primary. Just make an easy to remember address and give that one away to CashCrate and it’s sponsors.  Some offers do require you to confirm your email, so it is important that you have access to that spam box.

CashCrate Tip #2 – Clear your Cookies
When you complete an offer on CashCrate, they drop a small cookie (text file) in your browser with the confirmation details on the offer / tasks / survey you have just complete.  I have found over the years that some companies actually have more than 1 offer on CashCrate and that sometimes they don’t get credited properly.  What you want to do is when you receive your credits for an offer, just give a quick wipe to your cookies using your favorite program, so you make sure you are ready to receive new and fresh cookies.

CashCrate Tip #3 – Get to know the job
Like any other job, it takes time to learn CashCrate all round perfectly.  You may find yourself spending countless hours and in the end, you’ve not made as much as you thought you would of.  But that’s okay, because you are at learning level.  Over time, you will gradually get better and spotting which offers will obviously take less time than others, and therefor earn you more money online.

CashCrate Tip #4 – Refer friends and family
One of the major factor of success of CashCrate is the number of referrals you have. Please note the following, it is not necessary AT ALL to have referrals to reach the minimum payout each month, and the scheme to earn 15$/hour does not take into consideration your referrals, so you do not have to worry about it.  Although it is a very good source of revenue to refer your friends and family to CashCrate, it is not necessary to your success on this journey.

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